Choose the safety of toys common sense
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When choosing toys and playing toys, safety is the most important consideration, whether it is the choice of toys or the use of toys, parents, teachers and care of the children should have the following common sense:

1. Use the toy safety mark as a guide to find warnings or other safety information on the toy packaging, such as age warning signs, specific hazard warning signs, manufacturer's or seller's name and address, manufacturer or distributor's trademark / mark.

2. Older children who buy toys may not be suitable for younger children, or are unsafe for younger children.

3. To the children under the age of 3 to choose toys in particular to be careful. Do not buy toys with small parts that may be swallowed or inhaled, including small balls and inflated balloons, as well as toys with sharp or rough edges.

4. to ensure that the software rattling, squeezing toys, teeth toys even in the most compressed state can not completely into the child's mouth.

5. Regardless of the age of the child, if they still have the habit of bite the object, make sure that the toy or toy part is large enough to be swallowed by the child, plug the mouth or throat.

6. Check the stuffed animal toys and dolls stitched firm and firm, make sure eyes, nose, buttons, straps or other decorations fixed well, can not be pulled down or bite.

7. Only children over 8 years of age can play electric toys with heating elements, and they play these toys under the supervision of adults under the guidance.

8. Make sure the child uses the arrow and the top of the dart is blunt, for example using rubber or soft plastic sucker, stopper or other protective form. Make sure that the arrows and the joysters are tight.

9. In the stuffed toys and cloth toys to find "machine washable, surface washable" like the words and toys safety certification.

10. toys, such as packaging bags do not let the children holding the play.

11. Carefully check the material of the toy, whether the fabric is clean, no pollution.