Common toy safety issues
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1. Some of the specific shape and size of the toys (such as small ball, hair ball, etc.), small parts after the demolition of toys and toys in the unreasonable use of the components off, if the size is too small, easy to be swallowed or inhaled children The

2. Some toys with sharp edges, sharp tips or protrusions, easily lead to children were cut, scratched, stabbed and so on.

3. Toys and toys on the rope and rope, such as elastic rope caused by winding, the possibility of the child, in the play to pay attention. Such as cribs or game fencing toys on the fence, fitness toys on the crib, children's suits and elastic ropes for children under 18 months, rope for flying toys, and rope on toy bags.

4. Uninflated or ruptured balloons may be at risk of suffocation for children under 8 years of age and need to be used under adult supervision to keep inflated balloons away from children and rupture of balloons should be immediately discarded.

5. Water toys should be under the supervision of adults in shallow water use, such products are not life-saving supplies, but some parents are used as life-saving supplies.

6. Children riding the lack of appropriate guidance for adults, do not know how to use the brake system safe.