The cleaning and disinfection of toys
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Bacteriological scientists have done to determine the disinfection of toys for children to play 10 days, plastic toys on the number of bacterial colonies up to 3163, wooden toys up to 4934, as much as 21,500 fur toys. Therefore, regular disinfection of toys is necessary.

1. Moisture, corrosion resistance, easy to fade toys can be 0.2% peracetic acid or 0.5% disinfectant soak, wipe disinfection.

2. Plush, paper toys and books through the exposure, the use of ultraviolet disinfection sterilization.

3. Wooden toys can be washed with soap and water.

4. Metal toys can be first with soap and water scrub, and then sun.

5. The use of electronic disinfection cabinet or disinfectant soaking effect is also very good.

Special Note

First, note

Disinfect the use of disinfectant for half an hour and then scrub clean water.

SARS and high incidence of infectious diseases, toys, UV disinfection should ensure that more than 1 hour / time; boiled disinfection to ensure that more than 30 minutes / times.

Peracetic acid solution is corrosive, can not be directly with the skin, clothing and other contact. Need to use plastic bottles in full bloom (cap to stay 1 ~ 2 ventilation holes), disable the glass bottle in full bloom to prevent burst.

Second, disinfectant configuration

1. Shi Kang disinfectant No. 1 stock solution 10 ml, add 1000 ml of water mixed.

2. 2 ml of peracetic acid syrup, add 1000 ml of water to mix.

3. Disinfectant 5 grams, add 1000 ml of water to mix.