Puzzle toys into the development of the mainstream industry toys return to the nature of education?
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Toys, simply from the literally understand, in fact, just a kind of fun things can bring people in China, the development of toys has been thousands of years of history, the development of toys with its process can not be ignored, nine chain, Huarong Road are Is the world famous Chinese traditional educational toys, until today still exudes charming charm.

In addition, the Asian toy market for the toy products simple fun fun pursuit, in fact, the Asian toy market for toys significantly more puzzle components, in Korea, parents for toy products, puzzle and education is very dependent on the Korean toy market for puzzle The price of toys is also significantly higher than the overseas price, because the puzzle toys have a clear demand for space, dealers to raise prices to obtain higher profits.

The purchase of children's toys has become an important cost for parents to educate their children, and more interesting is that educated parents will choose toys as a tool for educating children. Parents will buy most of their toy products at high prices. Parents, these toys have educational educational function, but for children, this is an investment in education costs.

It is not difficult to see that the reason why LEGO has a great market demand in the Asian market is for this reason, Lego toy building blocks have their own interest and puzzle can not be ignored, the creativity of toy products, for children's space Thinking ability and creativity, has a lot of inspiration, Lego toys last year in the Chinese market has had five percent growth.

China's toy market for the peculiarity of toy products is more important, it can be learned from the nature of its traditional toy products, and parents for toys in addition to the safety considerations, there is one thing that is the toy products For the child's intellectual development is beneficial. Many foreign toy companies in China's development strategy, it is a little attention to product packaging for the puzzle of this point of attention, to attract Chinese consumers.

The development of the Asian market, toy products is mainly based on puzzle, in fact, whether it is the Chinese toy market, or the Korean toy market, educational toys in Asia, how much that toy companies for the development of toy products have a general direction , Is the educational toys gradually become an important mainstream, in the industry, how much is a paradox, that is: whether the toys simply to play the main do not give children too much education burden, or should return to education.

In fact, the best result is entertaining, but this is a small number of toy products can be achieved, either simply to play the main, or just dressed in a toy jacket but serious education means educational products, this is the toy products can not Really attractive reason.

The development of toy products should be a process of gradual optimization, toy products can puzzle, to bring children happy childhood, or a growing intellectual knowledge of the products, which are the need to continue to optimize the development of puzzle topics Return, indicating that people are paying attention to the proportion of toy products in life, have to say, this is a good development direction.