The opening of the second child toy O2O has long muffled fortune
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The news of the opening of the second child not only to the maternal and child industry into a stimulant, toy rental platform also will rise, toy rental O2O mode can be divided into half of the mother and child market cake is also reasonable to follow. Successful business model never to sell the most goods for the evaluation criteria, but to the ability to link people's feelings, needs, value.

No news can be like the second child to let go, so that the Internet ring so restless. 600 million new population each year, hundreds of billions of consumer market, especially in the field of maternal and child a huge impact. 100 billion cake here, who points, how points, but great doorway.

And the mother and child within the field of disputes began here.

Maternal and child areas have long been fighting a toy market leasing business is still missing giants

According to statistics, China's existing maternal and child industry market size of 1430.5 billion yuan, and showing an annual growth of 16%, and the new generation of 80,90 after the average group of parents Consumption can reach 1w up and down, large scale.

And this industry is mainly divided into milk powder, clothing, toys, safety seats and so on. Which accounted for more than 51% of the market sales of milk powder, is the absolute bulk, this area has long been the Red Sea, maternal and child stores, supermarkets, networks become the main channel. And in the rest of the clothing, security seats, but also have a giant to occupy, the only toy industry has become the largest cake, try the water at least the sunrise industry, as the toy industry after the vertical segment of the important part of the lease Play has been concerned about the pursuit, as this big cake in the most important part.

Toy rental business for the contribution of China's toy industry, every year more than tens of thousands of families through the lease of the way, the flow of toys to reduce unnecessary purchase costs, while avoiding the waste of resources. Although China is a big toy, but in the toy rental industry started late, especially the online platform this piece. In the developed European and American countries, with online O2O platform rental toy has long been popular, but the current domestic water test less, the lack of industry giants, and this is the opportunity.