How to buy toys the most secure?
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How to buy toys the safest step 1: change your thinking mode

Parents are too dependent on the country's toy safety production standards, and forget to keep their vigilance. Only to see the brand name or price tag, can never understand the true appearance of a toy, you need to evaluate their own safety, assess whether it can buy. Experts suggest that the first step is to pay attention to small parts, such as easy to be swallowed by the baby's plastic ring or small plastic beads, or hairy Teddy Xiong crystal bright plastic eyes. Keep in mind that a stretched toy longer than 25 cm is likely to hold on to the child; and kites and other flying toys should be made of nonmetallic materials longer than 3 m.

China's children's toy safety standards, dragging toys made by the rope, the length of more than 30 cm, can not have a knot or easy to form a knot fastener. And for children under 3 years of age use such toys, can not use the thinner than 1.5 mm rope. When you choose, if you feel that the toy is dangerous, be sure to believe in your own intuition.

How to buy toys the safest step two: do not be "imported" label blinded

Mom and Dad are generally more worried about the domestic non-brand-name toys have problems, but ignored a beautifully imported label products, may also be assembled in the importing country, but with parts from around the world. Do not forget that some imported toys in recent years have repeatedly recalled. Experts point out that if the toy contains a dangerous magnet, the most troublesome problem is that it is a design flaw, rather than a method of making a problem. According to statistics, in the past 20 years, 60% to 70% of the recalled toys are due to design errors, and manufacturing problems (such as paint containing lead) accounted for only 10%. Toys to "big", but the assessment is your own, and can not only rely on the credibility of the brand.

How to buy toys the safest steps 3: Check the risk of causing choking or scratches

Find a description of the toy on the package to see if the product contains some parts that are more dangerous for children under 3 years of age. If the packaging can be opened, you'd better check it yourself. Some toys may be threatened by the manufacturer's safety tests. If the product has a removable small parts, in the case of non-crush can be swallowed by the child's throat, then this product must not buy the child. Of course, the children are likely to chew the mouth of things, and swallow it. Buy toys, we must think of to avoid buying this toy. In addition, some of the toy edges and corners more sharp or texture is relatively rough, and the child's tender skin can not afford such a friction, so when you see wood or metal toys, first carefully touch, make a decision. Buy the child's things, must not only the beautiful appearance in the first.

How to buy toys the most safe step four: online shopping more attention

Online shopping related laws are not yet sound, online vendors, especially online private retailers, consumers late service and quality assurance benefits are limited, so the mothers have to pay special attention to your online order gift, before buying the product Genuine picture and product packaging picture.

Many online retailers will ask you to write to friends or family when the blessing, you need to confirm the product is correct after mailing, or suggest that friends pay attention. Or, you can go online to the consumer association's website to see if you buy items on the network are blacklisted. Friends sent online shopping toys, after the party, but also a closer look at what part of the baby will cause harm.

How to buy toys the safest step five: give up the noise too much toys

Sound too long toys play long, will cause the baby's hearing damage. If the sound of toys issued more than 90 decibels, it really is a kind of harm the body of the noise. In the toy store before buying, press the button, listen to the effect. In addition, also take into account the distance between the children and the toy speaker, he is holding it in his arms, or on the side or other corner of the room. Believe in your judgment, if you think it sounds big, then its voice is probably not really suitable for the baby.

How to buy toys the safest step 6: to mention the magnet and battery

If the child swallowed two or more magnets, the body's suction will cause fatal damage to the intestine. Therefore, for those who like to put things into the mouth of the bite of the child, easy to loose the magnet of the toys have a higher risk.

In addition, be careful to write books, music cards and electronic watches in the button batteries. The child accidentally swallowed the button battery will be in the body smooth movement, stay in the esophagus, causing tissue damage. If the child devoured the battery there is power, it will contain the current caused by internal burns. For safety reasons, to have the battery books and other items on the shelves of the high, so that children can not get.