Toy market opportunities unlimited! See how to talk about the industry?
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Guide: the theme of toy stores, toys, DIY shop, toy rental shop three toy consumer market opportunities can be deep excavation.

In the "4 +2 + 1" family structure, the Chinese family for children's toys consumption expenditure seems to be "under the hands." China's children's consumption expenditure on the proportion of total household expenditure is increasing. Urban children per capita consumption of toys for 35 yuan, toys become a new consumer income point of the consumer market. In addition, with the increase in demand for leisure and entertainment, toys are no longer children's exclusive supplies. More and more young people to join the toy to buy the army. Theme toy store, toy DIY shop, toy rental shop three toy consumer market opportunities can be deep excavation.

Nowadays, a variety of toys at home and abroad dazzling, many kinds of people dizzying, and in some schools, around the community, educational toys, creative toys, Funny toys, animation toys and other gadgets are also popular.

As for the toy market business opportunities for mining, the industry to do a three-point analysis:

First, the theme of the toy store

The so-called theme toy store, refers to some of the film, animation, games and other related physical toys derived. Because the theme of the toy creative wonderful, wide range of themes, modeling and exquisite, and film, animation, games are closely related to the virtual world has a realistic version, will attract the interest of various players and enthusiasts, but also gradually become the most fashionable trend.

Second, toys DIY shop

Their own hands-made toys, from the selection, planning, try to make, modify the final make a full of personalized toys finished. Not only meaningful, but also for many children, can promote their hands-on ability, which is far more meaningful than buying a toy.

Third, the toy rental shop

Now, children's toys more and more varieties, the price is getting higher and higher, and children have the characteristics of the old is always greener, many expensive toys can not play a few days to throw on the side of the toy more occupied a lot of space, free Throw away and feel pity, which makes parents headache endless. In response to this market demand, toy rental stores came into being, mainly to the customer rental toy goods, from which to earn rent to get profits.

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