Children's potential to develop toys are concerned about the toy market is hot
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With the rapid economic development and improvement of people's living standards, children's toy market in recent years in the domestic development of rapid. In the eyes of many parents, innocent and lovely children continue their dreams and a beautiful future, for the child's mental development, regardless of family conditions, parents are often willing to fully meet the child's education and growth level of consumer demand, as children's consumption A major market, children's toys in recent years with an annual growth rate of 40% annual growth rate.

With China's accession to the WTO, China's toy market is increasingly closely follow the trend of Europe and the United States and South Korea and the development of the market, the potential development of children with toys closely together, while meeting children's curiosity and curiosity in these two aspects Demand, to toys as the carrier, while playing the child's ability to think, hands-on ability and concentration, and DIY DIY, interpersonal series of toys, exercise children's mind, inspire children's initiative and creativity, guide children in the happy Cognitive science and nature, and emotional exchange, so as to develop children's thinking ability, to explore children's potential.

The International Toy Industry Association (ICTI) conducted a test in a children's toy focus behavior analysis study: dividing children into five groups according to their children of different ages and selecting them according to the different theme characteristics of the toy, including plush, wood 10 pieces of each type of ten pieces of toys, according to the age group set up a total of five groups, each group of one hundred pieces messly put together, let the children Divided into five groups, respectively, into the experimental behavior of the timing analysis.

The study found that although each age group of children into the experiment began in accordance with their own personal love and morphological perception of behavioral practice, but in the late stages of the experiment most of the children will focus and behavior focused on the intellectual toys, and from all Five groups of timing analysis point of view, the children in the behavior of time accounted for the proportion of the total time of the experiment, the intelligence of toys to be much larger than the other nine categories of toys, the experiment indirectly confirmed such a result: intellectual development class toys not only Only the children like and happy, but also to guide their children to take the initiative to think and analyze the problem.

So far, although there are some domestic enterprises to develop children's potential development of the toy business, but not for children to provide professional, innovative, safe, fast and inexpensive "one-stop, all-round" products and services, has not yet formed a professional Design, system integration of children's potential to develop toys franchise brand.